I enjoy sharing my love of turning wood. My unique sense of humor and passion for woodturning are most evident in my energetic demonstrations. Contact me if your club needs a demonstrator and we will work out the details.


Sharpening: The basic focus of this demo is the sharpening of the bowl gouge with a “finger nail” grind using the wolverine system with various jigs. A small amount of time will be spent on some of the other tools in the bag, i.e. spindle gouge, scrapers, and roughing gouge.

Basic Bowl Turning: I will talk about and demonstrate many aspects of bowl turning including safety, drying, twice turning, sanding, finishing, line and design. Depending on time available, a turning demo will include a small salad bowl, a natural edge bowl and a dried bowl blank.

Be Gentle, You Don’t Have to Cut the Pith Out of It:  In this demo I share some of the different ways I look at pieces of trees and how they can be prepared and turned those pieces to achieve interesting results.  Some of the time this includes not turning the pith out of it!

What’s In The Crotch of the Tree?  In this demo, I focus on many different ways to find and turn bowls out of the crotch of a tree.  I show many different unique shaped bowls that can be found in the crotch of a tree. I will include discussions and demonstrations starting with getting the blanks out of the tree crotch and ready for the lathe. The focus will then turn to the use of the bowl gouge to safely turn several very unusual shaped bowls. Drying is an important topic of discussion for this session.

Coring: In this demo, I will share my knowledge and experiences in coring with the McNaughton system. I will begin with basic bowls and work into burls.

Burls-Burls: Every burl is different and requires some imagination to find everything that is inside these wonderful bundles of joy. I will share my thought process with you as we look at several burls and cut into several of them. This demo will include coring, turning, sanding (discussion only), and finishing.