Natural Edged Bowls

My primary focus is turned objects from solid pieces of wood. I am driven by the challenge of finding the beauty and uniqueness in a piece of wood. Burls or crotch of a tree have those qualities, but often the natural coloration and shape of the many trees provide me with the canvas to create a beautiful turning. To make a purchase, email me at warrensc52@gmail.com  View Gallery

Signature Series

As a turner, I was looking for ways to fix imperfections in turned pieces. One day while slicing walnuts for a basket maker, I found just what I was looking for, a natural object the could be inserted in place of the defect and add beauty to the piece. The walnut can be added into the edge of a piece or the piece can be reshaped using the walnut as a feature. To make a purchase, email me at warrensc52@gmail.com  View Gallery

Quilts & Sculptural Pieces

My first quilt was inspired by a piece created by a blacksmith friend, Griz Hockwalt. His quilt hangs in our home. I used unique slices of cherry burl that were suspended in frames. While working with quilters on a show for a gallery, other ideas began to flow for ways I could add color and patterns to my quilts. Some of these quilts included turning and others did not. While working on the quilt series, I would laminate pieces that I was creating to slice into panels for the quilts. These larger pieces inspired me into returning to my roots in sculpture. By cutting, turning, and combining these laminated blocks, I was able to create 3 dimensional pieces that I find very intriguing to my eyes. View Gallery

Wine Starters and Stoppers

While preparing wood for turning bowls, there are many pieces of wood and burl that are just not suited for bowls, but to beautiful to toss in the burn pile. I save these piece for wine “starters” and stoppers.  The name wine “starter” is a creation of my humor…It has a corkscrew hiding inside and you can start on the wine until you get the cork out! To make a purchase, email me at warrensc52@gmail.com  View Gallery